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Installation log for the bath


The durability of wooden baths, as well as to the safety of its appearance, affects not only the quality of wood used and its proper handling, and proper and quality installation log.

first laid the foundation for the accountant (lower) crown that is placed on the waterproofing layer.The foundation has the ability to absorb ground water, which can lead to rotting carcass crown the accountant.Running out of waterproofing roofing material, the spreading of it in two layers on the surface of the foundation, also use special mastic asphalt on the basis of.

In the operation of the accountant bath crown is destroyed in the first place.Replace rotted logs the accountant crown is very difficult.Therefore, to protect them from destruction, they are placed under the so-called "lining", t.e.board thickness 40-50 mm, width 200-300 mm.Lining is covered on three sides, except the top and end, bitumen mastic or resin, turpentine, or treated with preservative.In a pinch, use a "pad" wrapped on three sides by two layers of roofing material in and laid on the waterproofing.If it is not tight to it, it should be cut into strips the width of the board of the roofing material, put them in two or three layers, the ends butted close.Instead, the bands can be used insulating material, hemp, hemp, felt, preferably treated with an antiseptic.With this order of works is excluded blowing and rotting crowns baths.

On the "pad" or seal the foundation plank insulating material on which the accountant is placed a crown.Downsides crown exactly polish, and sometimes shaved.This provides a tight seal and pressing the material to the lining.logs of the upper crown of the accountant are above the first half of their diameter, forming the foundation of space between which lay a stone or brick.

On the accountant crown placed second crown, while he - the third between the grooves with the laying of logs insulating material layer so that there is no vacant seats.

In some regions, taken to install the cornice above the crown of the accountant to drain rainfall from the bottom of the wall.As the accountant, and better in the second crown, select the slot and insert it into the drain board or roof steel so wide that the cornice hanging over the cap by at least 50 mm.

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